Almost every day we receive inquiries whether we want to sponsor another young and aspiring artist or a new project. We are also quite optimistic that the achievement of the set goals is realistic. Nevertheless, we would like to point out, that we generally choose our partners and projects which receive sponsorships.

Your project stands out from the crowd? And is for a good cause?

Then you can contact us and introduce your project. However, please note that we plan our sponsorship projects in the run-up to the year ahead and can only support selected projects per year. In addition, a one-time support does not result in a commitment or commitment to support the project again.

What is important for sponsoring?

A sponsorship must have a mutual benefit and bring an advantage to both partners. For this reason, it is important for us to find out what the partner’s counterpart is. This information must always be stated in the sponsoring request.

Examples of counter-payments:

  • Logo placement on printings or events.
  • Possibilities for the presentation of thisisthebull® products.
  • Mention of thisisthebull® in press material, videos etc.

Who may be supported by thisisthebull®?

We provide primary support to:

  • Innovative and upcoming musicians, bands, events, TV shows, clubs, designers and athletes.
  • Artists and concert events from the fields of: hip hop, metal, rap, rock.
  • Regional events for a good cause, in particular small events.

Who will not be support by thisisthebull® in any case?

Sponsorship is in any case excluded for the following areas:

  • Religiously or politically motivated projects and events.
  • Discriminatory projects (eg racist, sexually or otherwise discriminatory).

What supports thisisthebull®?

The support is always project-dependent and individual. Among other things we support:

  • In-kind donations in the form of thisisthebull® products.
  • Custom-made products and finishes in the clothing sector (eg project-related T-shirts, snapback, sweaters, trousers, etc.)
  • On-site support through thisisthebull® personal (manpower) and know-how.

Financial sponsorship is excluded except for exceptional cases.