EN: This Munich streetwear label dresses hip hop stars

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thisisthebull® is authentic urban streetwear, produced by people who love to live with rock, hip hop, tattoos and skateboards. The founder of thisisthebull® Bjørn created the brandname by his zodiac sign and his ascendant which is both: the bull!

thisisthebull® is a powerful, straight, true streetwear brand for people who love to be unique and dressed awesome. We don´t care about what people say, we just care about you and want you to look fabulous if you like what we like.

Bjørn loves to wear jogging pants while he is skating around the block in his hood in Munichs Glockenbachviertel. One day he couldn`t find the jogging pants he wanted in stores and decided to make his own. Friends wanted to buy it and so he kept on creating streetwear fashion for cool people around the corner and in the neighbourhood.

thisisthebull® is fashion from the street for the street guys, the first collection was created in white, grey, charcoal and black.

Famous rapper like Olli Banjo were seen in clothes from thisisthebull®